Venice Beach

We built this “floating” catio to avoid a plethora of pipes and other immovable objects below. The “L” shape allows Shiloh to enter a through-the-wall cat door bottom right and then find a high perch top left. We added three small doors for easy cleaning and so the cat would always be reachable in case of emergency. The art deco-ish style and colors are stellar.


This cat mansion has 8 levels, stands 14 feet tall, and has a 10 foot long wing that wraps around the right side of the gorgeous house, ensuring the cats get sun most of the day. We added two deadbolt doors along the run in case of emergency. The terra cotta Spanish tile roof matches the rest of the home.

North Pasadena

Where to begin? Catio is 10 feet tall, with a cat door entry from the upstairs bedroom, shaded translucent roof, large U shaped carpeted top shelf, some nifty woodwork, and an 8 foot sisal rope climbing pole. We also buried mesh in the dirt to prevent predators from digging in and cats from digging out of the enclosure.


Lots of cool elements here helped convert a second floor recess to a sweet catio including custom mesh, a French door window pane pet door, and green carpeted ramps and shelves. The client’s artistic background shines through beautifully.

Occidental College

Built on a second floor deck with a room underneath, we were unable to screw anything into the ground / roof. As such, we used pressure treated wood on the ground and utilized the stucco walls and roof for stability — much like we do for apartments and condos. The clients preferred a knob and barrel bolt to our typical keyed lock. The sisal rope sits on top of the litter box cover to facilitate easy cleaning.

Laurel Canyon

Love the colors and lines on this enclosure which aligns perfectly with the top of the window. The catio juts out slightly below the window so that we could include a pet door through the wall. But even that little area has a bronze tinted roof to match the rest of the enclosure. Carpeted ramp, sisal rope climbing pole, and two high shaped bed areas also included.

Laurel Canyon Catio Cat Enclosure
Laurel Canyon Catio Cat Enclosure Front
Laurel Canyon Catio Cat

Beverly Hills

We found a perfect spot for the gorgeous Moses, a rambunctious Russian Blue, to enjoy the outdoors safely. We dug up a bit of dirt, moved around some plumbing, and then laid down a concrete slab. Then we added a pet door through the wall, sisal rope pole, and lots of shelves. Moses could not be happier!

Beverly Hills Catio Cat Enclosure
Beverly Hills Catio Sisal Rope Climbing Pole
Moses Jumping in Beverly Hills Catio

Sherman Oaks (Between Moorpark & Riverside)

Built around an existing porch, this huge catio has plenty of room for both cats and humans to enjoy the gardens, birds and other small wildlife. Lots of shelf space throughout lead to three high perches including a great spot over the door. There’s also a floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole in the corner. Luxurious!

City of San Fernando

Another house with the perfect nook or spot for an enclosure. The 10 foot high by 4 foot wide covered structure provides plenty of space for a couple of deluxe cat trees. A custom cat door is being constructed for the far right window.

San Fernando Catio Cat Enclosure Front
San Fernando Catio Cat Enclosure Side
San Fernando Catio Cat Enclosure

Studio City

This 10 foot high six level enclosure fits perfectly on the side of the house between two windows with an extension for the cat door below the bathroom windows. The sisal rope climbing pole sits on top of the litter box cover. The pet door has a platform that connects to the shelf system via a long carpeted ramp. Pretty cool!

Studio City Catio Cat Enclosure
Studio City Catio Cat Enclosure Inside
Studio City Catio Cat Enclosure Pet Door

Redondo Beach

Pictures do not do this catio justice. Suffice to say, it is pawesome. The stained redwood enclosure sits beautifully on top of a painted wood deck. But the highlight is the stunning nest (sun room) attached to the enclosure via a long skyway.

Redondo Beach Catio Cat Enclosure Bridge to Nest
Redondo Beach Catio Cat Enclosure Front
Redondo Beach Catio Cat Enclosure Inside

Canoga Park

We always encourage clients to make each catio their own. Here, a celebrity client did just that by adding cool lighting. Also check out the floor to ceiling sisal rope scratching / climbing pole that gives the cats the option of jumping off at five different levels!

Canoga Park Catio Cat Enclosure Green
Canoga Park Catio Cat Enclosure Purple
Canoga Park Catio Cat

North Hollywood Porch

This was a cool little project that required our team to match the front patio design. We also changed it up by putting the silver wire mesh on the inside of the structure so that the white wood frame continued to pop from the street.

North Hollywood Catio Cat Enclosure Before
North Hollywood Catio Cat Enclosure Right View
North Hollywood Catio Cat Enclosure Outside

Mount Washington Balcony

The third Mount Washington catio was built off a balcony and comes with a spectacular view. A bit smaller than the others, we still included a large carpeted “L” shaped shelf, among others, a long sisal rope climbing pole, and a cat and human door.

Mount Washington Balcony Enclosure Catio
Mount Washington Balcony Cat Enclosure Inside
Mount Washington Cat Enclosure Roxie

Mount Washington 1 & 2

This was a monster project where we built three catios at one home over a week for an amazing cat rescuer. You can also check out a time-lapse video of our team constructing the enclosures. These catios have everything including a new and improved easy access litter box door.

Mount Washington Catio Cat Enclosures
Mount Washington Catio Cat Enclosures Side
Mount Washington Catio Cat Enclosure Litter Door


Another catio that blends in perfectly with the house. All the shelves are carpeted, including a long run at the top of the structure. There’s also carpeting on the bottom of the structure which acts as a cushion for a special needs cat. The floor to ceiling sisal rope pole is a huge hit with most of the cats putting it to immediate use.

Cats enjoying Northridge Catio Enclosure
Summer on Top Shelf of Northridge Catio Enclosure


This was a fun one that included all the bells and whistles. The concrete slab adds stability, makes it easier to clean, and prevents animals from digging underneath the mesh. The bronze polygal roof keeps out the rain and provides shade from the hot summer sun. The cat door is met with a horizontal shelf to make coming and going easy on the cats. The rest of the structure is decked out with a 9′ sisal rope pole, ramps, and shelves.

Glendale Catio Concrete Slab
Glendale Catio Cat Enclosure with Sun

Simi Valley #2

With all the coyotes in Simi Valley it’s no surprise we get a lot of calls from concerned cat parents wanting to build safe enclosures for their furballs. This home, like the San Fernando Valley model below, had the perfect spot for a catio which enabled us to keep costs way down.

Simi Valley Cat Enclosure Before
Simi Valley Catio Cat Enclosure
Simi Valley Catio Cat Enclosure Inside

Palos Verdes Estates

This massive enclosure was built to house a family of somewhat feral cats rescued about a year ago. With a threat of foxes, raccoons, and coyotes, we used a strong silver mesh to keep the cats in and the predators out. We also had a custom cat door built for a French door.

Palos Verdes Estates Before Cat Enclosure
Palos Verdes Estates Catio Cat Enclosure
Palos Verdes Estates French Door Pet Door

Culver City

This large enclosure meshes perfectly with the house and provides the five formerly outdoor cats with a breathtaking view. Because it’s a rental property, we used minimally invasive hardware which can be patched easily should the structure be removed at a later date. Note the Endura Flap window cat door which was installed without tools and can also be removed easily.

Culver City Catio Enclosure
Culver City Catio Enclosure Close Up
Culver City Catio Enclosure View


Our third Orange County enclosure was built for the three adorable cats seen below exploring their new outdoor digs immediately after completion. Like San Dimas, this is an “L” shaped catio that wraps around the house. We kept it thin and concentrated on vertical space, of which there is plenty.

Placentia Catio Front
Placentia Catio Enclosure Back
Placentia Catio Enclosure Cats

Santa Monica Apartment

After Lando (pictured) survived an eight story fall into some bushes, his cat daddy called us to install a balcony enclosure. Yes, cats do fall from ledges and balconies. We were able to complete the project without screwing anything into the walls, floor, or ceiling, per the building rules. Now Lando and his running mate, Luke, will have access to fresh air, the ocean breeze, and an outdoor litter box despite living well above the palm trees.

Luke the cat
Santa Monica Apartment Balcony Catio
Santa Monica catio enclosure

Simi Valley

Love the photo of the entire house because of how well the catio blends in to its surroundings. This baby has all the trimmings including a tinted polygal roof, litter box door, deck below the cat door, floor to ceiling sisal rope pole, long carpeted ramp, and a long carpeted shelf in the upper back. Despite all that, I can’t say that the cats will enjoy it because there are no cats. The homeowner went out and commissioned an enclosure in anticipation of rescuing cats and kittens. How cool is that?!

Simi Valley Catio Cat Enclosure with House
Simi Valley Catio Cat Enclosure
Simi Valley Catio Cat Enclosure Inside

San Dimas

Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, this ginormous catio represented many firsts. It was our first veterinarian client. It was our first “L” shaped enclosure which actually wraps around two sides of the house. And it’s the first time we installed a small easy access door next to the litter box to facilitate daily cleaning. Additionally, the inside is amazing with a long carpeted shelf running the entire top back end of the catio and an additional 10 foot ramp runs straight from the cat door to the human door.

San Dimas Catio Before
San Dimas Cat Enclosure Catio
San Dimas Cat Enclosure Catio Inside

Long Beach

This is one beautiful catio where all the colors work brilliantly together. Because the home was across the street from the ocean and had a history of termites, we used pressure treated wood throughout. The black mesh slanted roof was intentionally done steep to not interfere with the neighbors and looks spectacular. Finally, we added a long carpeted ramp so that the elderly cats would not have an issue exiting the window.

Long Beach Catio cat enclosure
Long Beach Catio cat enclsosure
Long Beach Catio cat enclsoure

Woodland Hills Stand Alone Catio

This might have been our toughest challenge to date. Our client was moving into a new house with 12 cats and needed a stand alone structure. First, we carved out a spot in the backyard where we could build a 200+ square foot catio. We attached the enclosure to a tough shed and added two windows for ventilation, as well as a door slot in the front. This will be the go to place for the dozen gatos to keep warm during the winter.

Approximately a third of the catio roof is bronze polygal, which provides shade and will protect the furballs from the occasional Southern California rain. The rest of the roof is bamboo which significantly cools down the hot Valley weather during the summer. See our blog post on catio roofs!

We also included two doors as a safety measure to ensure no cats escape the huge enclosure when humans enter.

Woodland Hills Catio Before Shot
Woodland Hills Catio Polygal Bamboo Roof


When it comes to cats, vertical space is far more important than square footage. Furbabies need things to climb and high perches to check out the world below. Multi-level shelf space is also critical to cat harmony due to their hierarchical nature. With that backdrop, the Brea catio is “The Bomb” – as the kids like to say.

Including the ground and the ramp exiting the cat door, the enclosure has six levels! Ollie, Inky, and Smokey Joe are going to get along just fine, thank you! And, in case the 9 shelves -including an 8 foot long carpeted platform at the top – were not enough fun for the gatos, we installed a 9.5 foot sisal rope pole along the right side of the enclosure. How do you say “Awesome” in cat?

The cat parents are equally happy with the way the colors and enclosure lines are a perfect fit for their lovely home.

Brea Orange County Catio
Brea Catio Sisal Rope Pole
Brea Orange County Cat Enclosure

Thousand Oaks

This may be our new favorite catio. The big enclosure – 12′ x 9′ x 4′ – is fully equipped with everything a cat could want. Wall mounted pet door so cats can come and go as they please. Check. Floor to ceiling sisal rope pole to climb. Check. Covered outdoor litter area. Check. Cat superhighway. Check. Enough bed areas for all five house cats. Check. Cat happiness. Check.

Alas, the cat parents have plenty to love too. The brown frame is a match for the roof fascia board and really pops. We removed the brick pavers to lay concrete footings and then cut the pavers to fit perfectly around the structure. Hence, the structure looks like it is floating upon the bricks. Finally, the translucent roof is stunning. Beautiful!

Thousand Oaks Catio
Thousand Oaks Catio Inside Left
Thousand Oaks Catio Inside Right

Toluca Lake

In Toluca Lake we replaced an existing catio built five years ago by a talented handyman. The enclosure effectively kept an entire litter of feral cats in and coyotes out, but was not aesthetically pleasing. We ripped out the old structure, patched and touched up the home and then built a typical custom catio that is a near perfect match for the house. Up close and at a distance, the catio looks like it was built together with the beautiful home.

With the new door the homeowners no longer have to trek litter box waste through the house. We also included a hose head opening next to the door so that the enclosure can be easily watered down and cleaned.

Toluca Lake Catio Before
Toluca Lake Catio Left Side with Door
Toluca Lake Catio Left and Right Side

Sylmar Catio / Dogio

One of the great perks of building catios for a living is meeting so many awesome people and cool cats. This project was no exception. Jessica, who has two cats and a disabled German Shepherd puppy, not only works for Best Friends Animal Society, but also fosters kittens. Building a HUGE enclosure for her adorable pets and future rescues was an added bonus!

Sylmar Before Photo
Sylmar Catio
Sylmar Kittens


Wowza! Where to begin with this gorgeous cattery. How about the 10+ foot plus sisal rope pole, 20+ foot ramp, and massive cat superhighway that encircles the entire enclosure. Holy smokes this is one awesome catio! The huge ramp is covered with industrial strength outdoor carpeting for extra grip and all the shelves are painted with artificial sand for extra grip. Welcome to Cat Disneyland!

Bel-Air Catio Front View
Bel-Air Catio Rear View
Bel-Air Catio Cat Superhighway

Woodland Hills Dogio

This dogio / dog run / dog enclosure is a thing of beauty. Stained redwood throughout is a near perfect match for the new perimeter fence. Coupling the beautiful framing and stylized door with lush trees and bushes make for a stunning enclosure. Sparing no details, the roof is half mesh and half translucent polygal so that the dogs have a covered area when it rains. Read more about the dogio and the Hollywood director who commissioned it here.

Dogio Before Shot
Dogio or dog run front
Dogio or dog run mesh and framing


This was a fun one! We turned a lush hillside patio into a lovely catio / breezy reading room. The large enclosure required a ton of stained red wood, more than 10 wire mesh panels, and a lot of ingenuity to work around a gas meter, cement block, and existing rafters. Twin sisters, Cagney and Lacey, are two lucky kittens!

Encino Patio Before
Encino Catio After Shot
Encino Catio After Roof Shot

Eagle Rock

This Eagle Rock catio perfectly encapsulates Custom Catios commitment to cats and humans alike! The feline family members get a large, decked out enclosure with a couple of ramps, eight shelves which combine to create a superhighway, multiple high perches, and a 10 foot sisal rope pole. In other words, plenty of space and gear for exercise and stimulation needed to live fulfilled lives. The homeowners, on the other hand, get happy cats, an outdoor covered litter box, and a structure that blends in beautifully with their newly renovated house.

Note, we were twice visited midday by a coyote while building this catio. A stark reminder of the dangers cats around the hills of Los Angeles face if allowed to roam freely outside.

Eagle Rock Before
Eagle Rock Catio
Eagle Rock Catio Inside

Los Angeles

This amazing catio was designed for celebrity hair colorist Tracey Cunningham. It was built on the second floor balcony of a gorgeous modern home. There are “floating” shelves throughout the enclosure which really adds to the overall aesthetic. The bottom of the shelves are painted to match the industrial carpeting on top of the shelves which, in turn, blend in beautifully with the house. The shelving on each side of the huge enclosure are connected by two long platforms running across the top of the windows, creating a free flowing cat superhighway. And the topping on the cake is the 10 foot sisal rope pole to the side of the cat door which provides a shortcut to the top shelves. Wow!

Los Angeles Catio Exterior Design
Los Angeles Catio Interior Design
Los Angeles Catio Completed

Orange County

This project was similar to the San Fernando Valley catio below in that the homeowners, currently loving parents to 11 cats, had the perfect spot for the enclosure. We built out a substantial wood beam beam structure on the long side and a door on the short side and covered both with wire mesh. We also installed four massive shelves to accommodate the large feline family. While you can’t see it in the photos, there is a half inch of space at the bottom so that the catio can easily be hosed down with the water funneling towards a drain outside the structure. The best part is that the colors and design match perfectly with the house.

Orange County Catio Before
Completed Orange County Catio
Orange County Catio Cat

Silver Lake

This Silver Lake catio was designed and built for YouTube star Anna Akana. It includes a step up “chimney,” a 20 foot carpeted bridge, and a massive enclosure. The inside is fitted with four large “L” shaped shelves, four additional shelves, a long carpeted ramp, and two sisal rope poles on either end.

Please see our blog post, Celebrity Anna Akana’s Spectacular Catio, for more information and videos.

Silver Lake Catio Rendering
Silver Lake Catio
Congress the Cat

San Fernando Valley

Sometimes cat owners are just plain lucky when it comes to catio space. This catio, our second built in Sherman Oaks, is a prime example. The before photo evidences the perfect catio location already existing outside the home. We built out the remainder of the preexisting white frame, added a key lock door, and covered both in galvanized wire mesh. We then added a pet door below the window next to the existing house door. The finished product looks as if it was part of the original house design. Finally, the family decked out the inside of the enclosure with a couple of cat condos and other fun toys for their two young kittens. It should come as no surprise that Fizz and Dylan are loving their new digs!

North Hills

The owners of two cats in North Hills were in desperate need of a catio after one of their cats got an infection while roaming the outdoors. Amazingly, once back from the veterinarian wearing a cone to help the infection heal, the furry feline got outside again. This time, however, he was gone for 6 agonizing days despite the movement limiting cone. Once back, the cat was relegated to the indoors for his own safety. But, the previously outdoor cat would not stop crying, causing the distressed owners to decide to build a catio as a compromise.

The left photo shows the basic design of the catio though we did end implementing a few changes during the build. The middle photo shows our team going over the plans in front of the build location. The final photo on the right shows the completed catio.

North Hills Catio Design
North Hills Catio


This was an extremely complex project that required imagination, ingenuity and skill to bring to fruition. We had to build around a mature tree growing out of a planter, utilize an existing doggie door away from the planned structure, and keep a pathway clear between the doggie door and the catio. The solution was to include a “chimney” to get the cats up the side of the house, a bridge over the walkway, and a shingle roof with a hole in it to accommodate the tree. With so many unique aspects to the design we created a video animation to give the client a full 360 degree perspective. Finally, we had to account for kittens which required the addition of three temporary steps to the chimney.

The build went smoothly and the design was flawless. The two young kittens took to the catio almost immediately despite the complicated chimney/bridge structure. Both kittens and the family are ecstatic with the final structure.

Van Nuys

This catio was built for the new Animal Planet television show, “Cat vs Dog” starring Jackson Galaxy (see video). Some quotes from the episode:

Jackson Galaxy: “They did a great job creating the cat superhighway that we had in mind so that it goes all the way around. Everything about this works!”

Zoe Sandor: “They are in love with it!”

Tami: “It is beyond anything I could have imagined. Amazing.  I can hardly stand it. I want to live in [the catio].”

Jackson Galaxy: “The cats are incredibly happy in that new catio.”


I love this catio! The minute it was completed the two house cats took to it immediately. Sadly, they had been relegated to the indoors after their sibling was viciously killed by a coyote who left the remains on the property. Depressed and getting far less stimulation, Kiki developed severe medical problems. But with some great vet care and now a catio, she is healthy and happy.

This catio presented a major design challenge since it was constructed on a side of the house that did not get a lot of natural light. This was worrisome because a bathroom and office window were located inside the proposed structure. Fearing a regular roof would preclude natural light from reaching both rooms, we installed a beautiful translucent roof which was not only aesthetically pleasing, but solved our problem!

Sherman Oaks

Note how well the catio colors mesh with the house. The painted redwood is a near perfect match for the patio coloring. And the wire mesh is painted to match the bronze lighting fixtures inside and outside the catio. The carpet was also chosen to blend in well with the coloring. The shingle roof on the catio is an exact match for the house. Finally the catio was placed in the tight spot between the patio railing and the sliding glass door.