In 2006 we adopted Monkey and Cooper into our 8th floor one bedroom Westwood apartment. Unfortunately, they were not instant companions and the limited space led to fierce confrontations. So, over a decade ago, we built our first outdoor cat enclosure on the balcony.

The cats took to it instantly. They loved the fresh air, sunbathing, and watching birds. Monkey and Cooper’s relationship improved dramatically! And we all lived happily ever after… until moving to our Sherman Oaks home.

Even with the additional space, Monkey and Cooper were not happy campers when confined indoors. As such, we constructed catio #2. Only this time, we decked it out. The cats got multi-level vertical shelving with plush beds and a covered litter spot. We humans got an outdoor structure that matched the house and was not an eyesore!

Additionally, the catio has made for great conversation. Friends and family alike always want to see the catio and hear the latest news. Truthfully, our catio has brought great joy to our (cats) lives!

Hence, the Custom Catio business. We intend to spread joy to cat loving families across the southland.

Call us at 323-905-4695 to get your catio project started!

Monkey and Cooper enjoying their
first catio a decade ago

The tops of palm trees make for a
stunning backdrop 8 floors up