• Catio Compound

    There are so many unique pieces to the massive Lakewood enclosure that it can fairly be described as a Catio Compound (see video). The house run, main structure, and winding garden pool run took a month to build. Check out the spiral staircase, sisal rope climbing pole with a fireman's circle, and our first ever cat bubble inside the enclosure. The clients and cats are very happy!

  • South Pasadena Apartment

    Prince loving his new South Pasadena apartment enclosure. It's always fantastic to find kindhearted building management who facilitate catio projects rather than stand in the way.

  • Camarillo

    The Captivating Camarillo Catio wraps around the house and provides the cat family endless views and frequent visits from birds and small animals. So many small details on this build including a face-board designed to match the nearby awning so the enclosure blends in with the home. There's also ramps throughout the structure that enable an elderly furball to reach every perch.

  • Glendale Run and Tower Extension

    About two years after building a fabulous catio the homeowner brought us back to add an attached long garden run and a tower to the original enclosure. We also built steps over the run so that the humans can reach the side yard.

  • Jungle Catio

    The Jungle Catio is simply one of the greatest cat enclosures ever built. The massive main catio sits on a lush hillside and incorporates two large palm trees. To get to the structure, the furballs exit a house bathroom, head up a spiral staircase, and then cross a beautiful bridge. Check out the blog for more details.

  • Shaffer Park

    The Shaffer Park catio, located in Orange in Orange County, is home to Franklin, Kimmie, and Luca. It has 3 distinct parts to match the three cats, including a main enclosure built around a chimney, a nest for increased sun, and a run connecting the two. The panoramic shot was the only way to capture all three elements together. The main catio has 7 levels. Pretty darn cool!

  • North Hollywood Oxnard

    This North Hollywood catio, located near Oxnard and Colfax, is home to at least six cats, not including foster kittens. It is quite large and includes a cat superhighway and plenty of shelving and bed perches for the clowder. Best of all is how the enclosure blends in perfectly with the home.

  • Jessica Triangle

    The perfect spring catio build! The color pops and really captures the joy that enclosures bring to cats and their guardians. And the long ramp, floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole, and the killer nest are not too shabby either.

  • 100th Catio!

    In less than three short years since launching Custom Catios we crossed the 100 enclosure milestone! It is amazing to think about all the amazing dogs and cats we have met along the way and all the joy that we have helped bring to families across Los Angeles and Orange County. We can't wait to cross paths with many more incredible pets (like Snowball pictured) and people for the next 100 enclosures.

  • Lange Foundation

    The Lange Foundation will forever hold a special place in my heart because that's where we adopted our Monkey 14 years ago. As such, I jumped at the opportunity to build a catio for the West Los Angeles / Westwood cat rescue located on Sepulveda Blvd. The results - which include an amazing criss-crossing bridge, sisal rope climbing pole roundabout, and a super long cat ladder - are nothing short of spectacular. Hopefully the new improved digs will allow the felines to better show off their personalities to potential adopters.

  • Brand Park Glendale

    This North Glendale catio located near Brand Park was a fun one. It has all the trappings - cat steps, long ramp, cat superhighway, hiding box, sisal rope climbing pole - and a nest. But what makes it next level is the amazing flower garden just outside the mesh panels. Kiki will quite literally be smelling the roses in addition to getting constant stimulation from bugs, squirrels, and birds. Life is good!

  • Harter Park (Rancho Palos Verdes)

    A young Harter Park family with a baby on its way wanted to give their awesome cat, Earl Grey, some protected outdoor space. Built on a second floor balcony, we had to leave the floor intact. And with limited support, we built in two small access/cleaning doors instead of one large heavier human door. There are a couple great perch spots up high where Earl can enjoy the gorgeous view.

  • Hollywood Dell

    The Hollywood Dell catio is a piece of art that blends in beautifully with the house and the surrounding greenery. The feline enclosure has a chimney which leads the cats up into a nest situated on the roof. This spot will provide the gatos with hours of additional sun. Between the rays, birds, squirrels, and bugs, the cats will get plenty of extra stimulation.

  • Chapman College

    This charming Chapman College catio, which sits brilliantly below a second story deck, fits right in with the quaint Orange County neighborhood. There is plenty of space to hang with the cat parents as well as a feline only area which includes a floating bed, sisal rope climbing pole, and a nest. The nest juts out from the main enclosure to provide more sunbathing opportunity for the lucky cats.

  • The Grove Tree Catio

    The Grove catio is our second enclosure built around a tree (also see the Orange Tree Catio) and it is pretty spectacular. The cat patio begins near the house with a fully loaded traditional structure with a rain proof translucent roof and all the fixings -- hiding box, sisal rope pole, cat ladders, ramps, and perches. Then a long super-wide run takes the cats out to a grass patch and tree. Watch a video of the gatos living the good life on our Facebook page!