• Sunland Second Story

    A rare build on the front side of the house in Sunland provides the cats with paw-mazing views. The super long second story structure includes cat steps, a hiding box with cat cutouts, and a climbing pole.

  • West Hills

    The West Hills catio - home to Casey, Daisy, Bella, and Eva - is perfectly nestled under a shade structure next to the house. Nice craftsmanship by The Joy Crew working around the large cracks in the concrete. Finally, how cool is the Brady Bunch photo?!

  • Santa Barbara Hills

    The massive and stunning Santa Barbara Hills enclosure is home to a cat, Tigger, a couple of dogs, and a handful of chickens. A giant cat superhighway connects the mountain side, which includes a birdcage bed floating from the heavens with the ocean side, which includes a climbing pole with a unique fireman's circle.

  • El Segundo

    T'Challa's El Segundo catio compares favorably to Wakanda. The structure is so long - 45 feet of runs - that it requires a panoramic shot to capture the entrance and the tower on opposite sides. The craftsmanship throughout is next level.

  • Whittier

    Extra large fully loaded Whittier catio is now home to Dixon, Rocket, Simon Sez, and a couple of hoomans! The peek-a-boo bubble (aka salad bowl) bed is a hit with the cats.

  • Cathedral City

    Another catio in the hot desert. Luckily we finished this one a few weeks before record breaking temperatures approached 120 degrees. Stay cool Meowie and friends.

  • Canoga Park Condo

    Huge shout out to the Home Owners Association that approved this Canoga Park condo catio. HOAs are notoriously difficult when it comes to cat enclosures so it's important to praise those that do good.

  • Camarillo Screened In Porch

    This is the first time we used both wire mesh and screen material together to create the ultimate safety solution that also keeps the enclosure bug free and cooler in the hot sun. Both the cats and cat guardians enjoy spending time in the shared outdoor space.

  • Toluca Lake Double

    The Toluca Lake Double is actually two catios side by side for two sets of house cats that don't mix. While the left side is larger, the two enclosures both include cat doors in French door panes, litter box areas, long ramps, hiding boxes with cat cutouts, and perches with garden views. The left side also has a synthetic rope climbing pole.

  • Lake Balboa Screened In Porch

    The Lake Balboa screened in porch provides a gorgeous, protected, and mosquito free space for the cats and humans to enjoy together. The feline family members are loving the long climbing pole, spiral staircase, shelves, and super long run that connects both sides of the enclosure. The cat proof screen keeps the bugs out, especially the ankle biter mosquitos common to Los Angeles.

  • Granada Hills Catification

    The Granada Hills catification project is next level. We turned a large bedroom into a Cat Paradise. A glass bottom bridge, cubby hole beds with cat cutouts, two cat shaped shelves, spiral staircase, sisal rope climbing pole, ramps and runs for days, and a peek-a-boo bubble bed (aka salad bowl), are among the features.

  • Palm Desert

    Holy moly, Nuvolino's Palm Desert catio is Cat-tastic!! A spiral staircase in a "chimney" by the house gets the cats up to a 10' bridge / skyway that connects to the main enclosure, which ultimately leads to an amazing nest nestled in a tree.

  • Miraleste

    Cookie and Kenzie's Miraleste (Rancho Palos Verdes) catio is a hit with the cats and hoomans alike! A large elevated outdoor feeding area and a synthetic rope climbing pole are among the highlights.

  • Carson

    Chico's Carson catio pops with a gorgeous dark brown wood stain, which makes his cat guardians happy. Chico loves the fresh air, sunshine, and checking out all the action in the backyard.

  • Corona Floating Mobile Home

    The "floating" Corona catio is our first mobile home enclosure. It's floating to keep the sprinklers, hose, and crawl space free. The structure is bigger than it looks and gives the entire feline family plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors.