• Halo's Woodland Hills Catio

    Halo and Luke share this gorgeous decked out backyard catio. 1" x 1" black wire mesh, clear translucent roof, hiding box with cat cutouts, climbing pole and lots of ramps and shelves comprise this beauty.

  • Santa Monica

    This large second story Santa Monica catio has a gorgeous clear translucent roof, long ramp, synthetic rope climbing pole, and beautiful garden views.

  • Highland Park Rental

    We love landlords who allow us to build catios on rental properties like this one in Highland Park. We use limited hardware to minimize damage to the house. This family of tuxedo cats love it!

  • Echo Park

    Third floor Echo Park roof had the purrfect spot for a catio. We secured the two openings and decked out the interior. Note the artistry at the bottom of the climbing pole. Unable to screw into the ground we had to get creative to secure the pole.

  • Toluca Lake Sweetie Boy

    Sweetie Boy, who lives in Toluca Lake, was an indoor / outdoor cat until he got mauled nearby his home. Now he is an indoor / catio cat who still benefits from the outdoors - fresh air, sunshine, plenty of stimulation - but does so in a safe environment.

  • Mt. Washington Litter Box Compartment Addition

    With Mittens (pictured) and Cooper Kitten LA's Mt. Washington litter box compartment addition, the cat guardians have moved all the litter boxes outside. No more litter dust or bad smells permeating the house!

  • Sherman Oaks Stilts

    Pepper's Sherman Oaks catio was built on stilts to keep the crawl space, sprinklers, and hose clear underneath. The catio has high bed perches on each side giving the cat great views of the lush backyard.

  • Corona

    The Corona, Riverside catio is home to a large feline family including Vinnie (pictured). It has all the fixings including a keypad lock, guardrail on the long run at the top, extended cat ladder, cat steps, synthetic rope climbing pole, and a hiding box with cat cutouts.

  • Lakeside

    Tiny's (and siblings) Lakeside catio in Burbank fits into a corner of the house perfectly. The custom through the French door pane cat door get the gatos in and out. The clear translucent roof lets in the sunshine but helps keep the enclosure dry when it rains.

  • Glassell Park

    Mr. Grey's Glassell Park stained deck enclosure is as gorgeous as the views. A long cat walk runs between the catio tower and the uniquely placed cat door above the kitchen counter. Sometimes we do have to get creative to find a place to get the cats in and out of the house. Finally, check out the new "floating steps" designed and constructed by The Artist!

  • Angeles Crest HWY

    The Angeles Crest HWY catio perfectly pairs a gorgeous exterior with beautiful interior furnishings. Located in La Canada Flintridge, the shared cat / hooman space is a wonderful example of how feline family members and their guardians can experience the joy of the outdoors together.

  • Castaic

    That's Twix climbing the synthetic rope pole in the middle photo with Hershey on the ground. These two furballs get to explore their Castaic (just beyond Valencia and Magic Mountain) catio tower with an additional large natural enclosure in the back daily. It's fully equipped with a nest, litter box compartment, and peek-a-boo bubble bed among other features.

  • Hyde Park

    The huge gorgeous Hyde Park (South LA) catio is home to Fandral, Anduin, Chromie, and Kiara! The structure was built in alignment with the deck so that it blends in perfectly. The roof is half hard and half mesh to protect against the rain but also let in the sunshine. Note the double human door for extra security against door dashers. 

  • Grandview Park - Palos Verdes Estates

    Warren and Winston love their Grandview Park (Palos Verdes Estates) catio. Tucked into a corner of the house, the cats have extraordinary views of a beautiful garden and all the goodness -- smells, bugs, birds, squirrels, sounds - that it provides. In other words, lots of stimulation.

  • Elysian Heights

    The Elysian Heights catio is unique in that it was built for a rental property while the cat guardians renovate their home. As such, we were able to bring down costs by not painting or staining the redwood and going with a plywood roof. We also did not screw into the stone floor and got most of the support from the house eve rather than the stucco walls. That's August in the photos!