• Brand Park Glendale

    This North Glendale catio located near Brand Park was a fun one. It has all the trappings - cat steps, long ramp, cat superhighway, hiding box, sisal rope climbing pole - and a nest. But what makes it next level is the amazing flower garden just outside the mesh panels. Kiki will quite literally be smelling the roses in addition to getting constant stimulation from bugs, squirrels, and birds. Life is good!

  • Harter Park (Rancho Palos Verdes)

    A young Harter Park family with a baby on its way wanted to give their awesome cat, Earl Grey, some protected outdoor space. Built on a second floor balcony, we had to leave the floor intact. And with limited support, we built in two small access/cleaning doors instead of one large heavier human door. There are a couple great perch spots up high where Earl can enjoy the gorgeous view.

  • Hollywood Dell

    The Hollywood Dell catio is a piece of art that blends in beautifully with the house and the surrounding greenery. The feline enclosure has a chimney which leads the cats up into a nest situated on the roof. This spot will provide the gatos with hours of additional sun. Between the rays, birds, squirrels, and bugs, the cats will get plenty of extra stimulation.

  • Chapman College

    This charming Chapman College catio, which sits brilliantly below a second story deck, fits right in with the quaint Orange County neighborhood. There is plenty of space to hang with the cat parents as well as a feline only area which includes a floating bed, sisal rope climbing pole, and a nest. The nest juts out from the main enclosure to provide more sunbathing opportunity for the lucky cats.

  • The Grove Tree Catio

    The Grove catio is our second enclosure built around a tree (also see the Orange Tree Catio) and it is pretty spectacular. The cat patio begins near the house with a fully loaded traditional structure with a rain proof translucent roof and all the fixings -- hiding box, sisal rope pole, cat ladders, ramps, and perches. Then a long super-wide run takes the cats out to a grass patch and tree. Watch a video of the gatos living the good life on our Facebook page!

  • Mulholland Atrium Catification and Winding Roof Run

    About a year ago we designed and built an amazing Mulholland catio. The humans and cats were so happy with it that they brought us back to catify an interior atrium which we then connected to the original enclosure via a long winding roof run. View more photos of the atrium, run, catio, and cats on our Facebook page.

  • Santa Ana

    Because the Santa Ana catio is near the front of the home and viewable from the street, we had to take great care to make sure it blended in perfectly with the house. The cats now have a nice outdoor litter box and a couple fantastic perches to get fresh air, sunshine, and watch the world go by. Goose and Oliver love it!

  • Los Feliz Dog Run and Catio

    A combo large dog run and catio (cat patio) located high in the hills of Los Feliz keeps Ringo and Crumb safe from coyotes and other predators. The huge enclosure provides plenty of space for the 60 pound dog to run and do his business when his humans are not home. The hairless Crumb loves getting sun and fresh air too.

  • Long Beach Kittens Addition

    A year ago we built an amazing catio, run, and nest for a feral mother cat named Mama on behalf of a kindhearted couple who had rescued her kittens. Now we added a 3-part addition for the kittens which includes a catio tower, run, and nest on the other side of the house. The best part is that the two sets of enclosures meet in the middle where we installed two dividers -- one mesh and one plywood. The concept is that the cats can be completely separated, separated only by mesh, or left open creating a ginormous 6-prong catio…

  • South Pasadena Dog Run

    The South Pasadena dog run (aka dogio) is located in a highly trafficked coyote area in the hills. With limited space this is primarily a safe bathroom area though Riley could also use it to get a bit of sun and fresh air when his parents are away. Each of the three sections has a door on top for easy pooper scooper cleaning. Note the gas strut support hinges on the doors which makes lifting them easy peasy.

  • North Glendale

    The North Glendale catio is simply beautiful. Coupling a gorgeous wood stain with an exquisite client provided centerpiece makes the enclosure feel like an art piece. The gatos, who enter through a custom window pane cat door, are going to love it too considering the 5 levels of shelves and the sisal rope climbing pole.

  • Mount Washington

    The fantabulous Mount Washington catio has a huge base enclosure and a long run along the side of the house leading to an amazing nest with breathtaking views of the valley below. Bird feeders and a water fountain attract endless wildlife who parade around for the pure enjoyment of Cooper Kitten LA and his sibling Fizz. Added bonus: When Cooper and Fizz are in the nest they can hang out with their cat parents lounging on the patio deck. Everyone wins!

  • La Verne

    The huge wraparound La Verne catio is as beautiful as the the snow capped mountains on the horizon. Coupled with brand new gardens, a bird feeder, and a hummingbird feeder, and Sisco (think Star Trek) is one happy camper. The enclosure is loaded with ramps, cat steps, a sisal rope climbing / scratching pole, litter box area, cat ladders, and a cat superhighway around the top.

  • Orange

    This catio is located in Orange in the heart of Orange County. Fully loaded with all the extras - cat steps, long ramp, floating bed, hiding box with cat cutouts, etc - this large enclosure also blends in perfectly with the house and pergola. The cats and hooman are very happy!

  • Los Altos

    The Los Altos catio is located between Los Alamitos and Signal Hill. Built on behalf of an amazing cat named Tommy, the main enclosure surrounds an outdoor fireplace which allows the humans to hangout with the furry feline. When Tommy wants some alone time, however, there's a nearly 20 foot long cat run that provides amazing views of the backyard garden, trees, and visiting animals.