• Whittier Garage Runs

    Two forever runs attached at the corner of the garage make for spectacular views of the front, side, and backyards. It also gives the cats plenty of room for the zoomies!

  • Modern Mar Vista Screened-In Porch

    This second-story Mar Vista screened-in porch catio is literally and figuratively next-level! A stunning enclosure to match a gorgeous home. Cats and hoomans are both happy customers.

  • Chatsworth Porch

    This large Chatsworth porch catio with a cat-Disneyland interior went viral on social media. Check it out:

  • Playa Vista Runs

    This Playa Vista catio has cat runs for days. The first section has a cat door high up in the family living room leading to a long run under the house eave. A super cool dropdown stairway then leads to a second-long garden run along the fence line which ends in a nest. Check out the video:

  • Burbank Porch Shell

    With the Burbank porch catio, we built the shell around the perimeter and left the inside to the cat guardians. Since interior catification is labor intensive, this can be a good solution for folks looking for more budget-friendly solutions.

  • Studio City Courtyard

    The Studio City courtyard catio has a fabulous tree centerpiece that makes for some happy cats and stunning photos. 😺

  • Highland Park Tower and Run

    Marshmallow and Tom, two of the cutest kittens west of the Mississippi, love their new Highland Park tower catio with a long run!

  • Mount Washington Floating

    PAWmazing floating catio in the hills of Mount Washington (Los Angeles) has a cat door off a Juliet balcony, which leads to a run around the home corner, where the furballs can also take a tall "chimney" up to a super high run above with a peek-a-boo bubble bed!

  • Actors Adhir Kalyan and Emily Wilson

    This was a super fun project on behalf of cat guardians and actors Adhir Kalyan (star of United States of Al) and Emily Wilson (General Hospital), who have to be the nicest couple in Hollywood. The "Cat Disneyland" enclosure includes a long up-and-down run, a cat shaped shelf, floating birdcage bed, hiding box with cat cutouts, synthetic rope climbing pole with a fireman's circle, cat steps, peek-a-boo bubble bed, spiral staircase, runs, and bed perches. Additionally, the enclosure has a Spanish tile roof that matches the home. Paw-mazing and Cat-tastic!! Watch video on Instagram  

  • Montecito

    The Montecito catio is CAT-tastic! The design: A catio tower => a long winding run => a chimney => a HUGE second-story screened-in porch/cat Disneyland! Lizzie, Shay, Niko, Dotty, and the cat guardians love the new enclosed space.

  • Catio Guy's Catio

    A few months ago, my wife and I adopted three adorable rambunctious kittens. Before S.A.N.T.O.S. Six Toes, Herbie the Love Bug, and Trey, were old enough to explore the outdoors, we decided to extend our eight-year-old standard-sized catio. We added a bridge and a large 3-level triangle-shaped enclosure above our backyard kitchen sliding glass window. More info here:

  • Hollywood Sign

    Tommie, an untouchable timid kitten, was found outside the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys. Trapped, neutered, and chipped by Alley Cat Alliance, she was returned to the outdoors, where she lived out of caves (see photo) she created. To everyone's surprise, Tommie became affectionate to the point where adoption became possible. Her guardians built her a sweet catio and created an indoor catification spot near the Hollywood Sign, where she can feel comfortable away from the dogs. PAWmazing!

  • Belmont Shore

    Imelda the cat loves her new Belmont Shore catio in Long Beach, CA! The coloring simultaneously pops and blends in with the deck/fence. Despite it's limited footprint, the inside includes a spiral staircase, climbing pole, loft ladder, and a peek-a-boo bubble bed.

  • Del Rey

    This large extra tall catio in the Del Rey neighborhood of Culver City serves as nighttime protection for 2 sibling feral cats -- Kiley and Miki. Half brother and sister, the 13-year-old furballs can now sleep easy in the heavily trafficked coyote area.

  • Fryman Canyon Screened-in Catio

    This Fryman Canyon catio utilizes screen and wire mesh to keep the digs bug and predator free. A gorgeous Norwegian Tree Cat gets to enjoy the sweet catio and nest.