• Duarte

    Kebab, one of the coolest cats on the planet, calls this Duarte catio home. Maybe he's so cool because his cat guardian, @roachthepetcoach, is a behavior specialist with the Pasadena Humane Society. Anyone with pet behavior issues would be wise to reach out to Rochelle.

  • Larchmont

    The Larchmont catio is the definition of "Cat Disneyland!" It has nearly every feature we offer including a cat shaped shelf, floating birdcage bed, hiding box with cat cutouts, synthetic rope climbing pole with a fireman's circle, cat steps, peek-a-boo bubble bed, spiral staircase, runs, and bed perches. It also represents the debut of the super cool "Loft Ladder". Additionally, the enclosure has a Spanish tile roof that matches the home. Paw-mazing and Cat-tastic!!

  • Santa Susana Park

    The Santa Susana Park catio in Simi Valley keeps two house cats stimulated inside with a hiding box, peek-a-boo bubble bed, and synthetic rope climbing pole, and outside with a gorgeous tree lined backyard that includes two water features and multiple bird feeders.

  • Melrose District

    I love the Melrose District catio! A tall winding seven level tower takes the six cats into a super long run above the sliding glass doors, which then turns the corner and ends with a nest. And it all blends in perfectly with the house's architectural design. Paw-some!

  • Brentwood Balcony

    This second story balcony catio in a gorgeous Brentwood neighborhood provides three house cats with the perfect spot to perch, get fresh air, and take in the sunshine. The beautiful bronze roof really pops too.

  • Sunkist Park

    The large Sunkist Park (Culver City) catio utilizes 2" x 2" galvanized silver wire mesh, our strongest option. The highlight of the interior is the long multi-level carpeted ramp that runs from side to side of the enclosure. It all makes for four happy black cats.

  • Janes Village

    The ginormous Janes Village enclosure in Altadena is home to Canon, Callie, Nougat, Peanut, Sesame, and a couple of hoomans! Note, feline bliss is a frequent side effect of catios!!

  • Sylmar

    This large complex Sylmar catio was created to help a veterinarian with her practice. Because safety was of the utmost importance we added double doors at the end of the project. The inside has extra shelves and perches to accommodate many cats (and a dog!).

  • Pasadena Screened In Porch

    Pasadena screened in porch / catio has wire mesh on the inside for predator proofing and Super Screen on the outside for bug proofing, thus creating a gorgeous shared hooman / cat space. We also tricked out the inside for Leo's enjoyment.

  • Pasadena Upside Down U

    We thrive on challenging projects like the Pasadena upside down "U". With piping, and an air conditioning unit down below, and a preference to stay clear of the bedroom window, we designed a unique catio that is not only functional, but blends in fabulously with the home. Einstein, Audrey, Beth, and Ruby are happy cats!

  • La Mirada

    The large La Mirada catio is home to a cat and a small dog who uses the enclosure to go the bathroom on a grass pad. It also includes a litter box compartment, climbing pole, and cat steps.

  • Hellman Wilderness Park

    This super tall catio, located just south of Hellman Wilderness Park in Whittier, is home to 7 cats -- Lily, Lola, Bellaluna, Diego, Penny, Wendy, and Max. Check out how well it blends in with the home!

  • Point Dume

    This marvelous Point Dume catio - home to Chiquita and Bonita - is a block from the beach in Malibu. It features an extra large fully loaded enclosure with a long beautiful skyway / run leading to a final tree house enclosure deep in the backyard. Honestly, it's spectacular!!

  • Villa Park

    This large Villa Park (Orange County) catio was specially designed for an elderly cat with limited mobility. As such, a couple of long ramps and a cat ladder can get the cats to the top. And there are no jumps more than a foot.

  • Pacific Palisades Screened In Porch

    Lovely second story Pacific Palisades screened in porch has wire mesh along the wrought iron railing and at the very top of the enclosure. However, the middle half is screened in to give the hoomans better unobstructed views. There's a rotating bunch of fur animals - including cats, rabbits, and a dog - who also use the space.