• Jungle Catio Ladder and Steps Addition

    We added a ladder and steps to the far side of the amazing multi-level Jungle Catio in the Pacific Palisades.

  • Sherman Oaks Screened In Porch

    Insects - especially the Aedes ankle biter mosquitos - have become such a local nuisance that Angelenos are regularly requesting screened in patios and catios. When the people speak, we listen. Here are the results of our first ever screened in patio using cat proof screens.

  • Sherman Oaks Galleria

    The homeowners purchased this property, in part, because it had the perfect area for a large cat enclosure. With three existing walls, we added the outer mesh wall, a door, and the bronze transparent hard roof. The cat guardians plan to add more cat trees and cat condos to give the feline family members plenty of perch areas.

  • Manhattan Beach Balcony

    This awesome second floor balcony catio was built on behalf of a large cat family that includes two Savannah's named Enzo and Ru. The clear transparent roof keeps the rain out but allows the sunlight to hit the bedroom. The furballs love the fabulous views, fresh air, sunshine, and climbing pole.

  • Winnetka

    The Winnetka catio connects two rooms in the home -- living room and bedroom - via the enclosure. The main enclosure with a long ramp, cat ladder, sisal rope climbing pole, and litter box area, sits in a covered patio off the house. It connects to a large nest which provides more sun and better views for the kittens. Also, how cool is the color?

  • Rancho Cucamonga

    This Rancho Cucamonga house was built for a catio. With three walls already existing, we just added a fourth wire mesh wall, a clear translucent roof, a door, and a handful of shelves. The gorgeous enclosure blends in perfectly with the home and the surrounding area.

  • Westchester

    Handsome Henry, a gorgeous Savannah cat, loves his new Westchester catio. He loves being up high, climbing the 10-foot synthetic rope pole, peek-a-boo bubble bed, and taking in the outdoor sounds and smells.

  • Highland Park Tree House

    Wowza! The Highland Park catio starts with a super long run along the side of the house which leads to an extra large Disneyland-esque enclosure. The inside is decked out with ramps to help the family tripod navigate the catio. The final amazing element is a gorgeous tree house connected to the main structure by a stunning bridge. Very happy cats!

  • CatCafe Lounge

    Custom Catios designed and built the new CatCafe Lounge catio (see video, click into post first). The CatCafe Lounge, which is the only non-profit cat cafe in LA, has found homes for 400+ cats to date. You can now reserve time to hang out with these amazing kitties in the outdoor, socially distant, regularly sanitized, CatCafe Lounge catio on their website. Playing safely with tens of fluffy furballs in a fantabulous enclosure is the anecdote to these troubling times!

  • Woodland Hills

    We pride ourselves on our ability to make catios blend in with homes. This Woodland Hills enclosure proves the point. It looks like it was built into the mid-century architecture, thus making the hoomans happy. The cats, Whippany and Rocky, are also quite pleased!

  • Huntington Beach Bengal

    Designing catios for Bengals is extra fun due to their athleticism. Bengals can run, jump, and climb like few other pet cats. And Harley, though just a kitten, is no exception. We encourage you to check out this video of Harley in action.

  • Sunland

    The Sunland-Tujunga catio comes equipped with our first ever, waist high, litter box compartment. While the hoomans love the easy cleaning mechanism, Ricky and Lucy can't get enough of their spacious outdoor enclosure.

  • Encino Dog Run

    Actually, it's designed to be a bathroom spot more than a dog run for when the owner is away from the home for an extended period of time. Located up in the hills, it will keep the little pups safe from coyotes when they need to do their business.

  • Catio Compound

    There are so many unique pieces to the massive Lakewood enclosure that it can fairly be described as a Catio Compound (see video). The house run, main structure, and winding garden pool run took a month to build. Check out the spiral staircase, sisal rope climbing pole with a fireman's circle, and our first ever cat bubble inside the enclosure. The clients and cats are very happy!

  • South Pasadena Apartment

    Prince loving his new South Pasadena apartment enclosure. It's always fantastic to find kindhearted building management who facilitate catio projects rather than stand in the way.