• La Mirada

    The large La Mirada catio is home to a cat and a small dog who uses the enclosure to go the bathroom on a grass pad. It also includes a litter box compartment, climbing pole, and cat steps.

  • Hellman Wilderness Park

    This super tall catio, located just south of Hellman Wilderness Park in Whittier, is home to 7 cats -- Lily, Lola, Bellaluna, Diego, Penny, Wendy, and Max. Check out how well it blends in with the home!

  • Point Dume

    This marvelous Point Dume catio - home to Chiquita and Bonita - is a block from the beach in Malibu. It features an extra large fully loaded enclosure with a long beautiful skyway / run leading to a final tree house enclosure deep in the backyard. Honestly, it's spectacular!!

  • Villa Park

    This large Villa Park (Orange County) catio was specially designed for an elderly cat with limited mobility. As such, a couple of long ramps and a cat ladder can get the cats to the top. And there are no jumps more than a foot.

  • Pacific Palisades Screened In Rabbit | Cat Enclosure

    Lovely second story Pacific Palisades shared cat and bunny space has wire mesh along the wrought iron railing and at the very top of the enclosure. However, the middle half is screened in to give the hoomans better unobstructed views. The rabbits are too cute!

  • Dodger Stadium

    This unique build was located minutes from Dodger Stadium between Echo Park and Dogtown. With the ground floor of the house located so high off the ground in the backyard, the cat guardian went with a floating catio. It's actually quite large inside with an additional bed perch on the far left side.

  • Crescenta Heights

    Built along a coyote highway, the Crescenta Heights catio protects Frost, Jasper, and Lydia from predators. The cat guardian also took one of my all-time favorite photos with Jasper as the centerpiece: "Memories Made Here!"

  • Redondo Beach T

    Sammy's Redondo Beach giant "T" shaped catio has a tower middle with 2 skyways in either direction resulting in incredible views of the gorgeous backyard garden.

  • Torrance Rooftop

    This Torrance (Valmonte) catio tower with rooftop hideaway is home to the pawsome Jitterbug, Tango, and Minuet! The cats love the high-up nest and the amazing views of the multi-level backyard. Jitterbug couldn't stop smiling about her good fortune!

  • Tujunga Dog Run

    This dogio or dog run in the mountains of Tujunga protects Watson, Greta, and Einstein from a plethora of predators. The potty / fresh air / sun spot allows the pets' guardians to leave the pups at home for longer stretches during the day, if necessary. Follow the precious dogs at

  • Sunland Second Story

    A rare build on the front side of the house in Sunland provides the cats with paw-mazing views. The super long second story structure includes cat steps, a hiding box with cat cutouts, and a climbing pole.

  • West Hills

    The West Hills catio - home to Casey, Daisy, Bella, and Eva - is perfectly nestled under a shade structure next to the house. Nice craftsmanship by The Joy Crew working around the large cracks in the concrete. Finally, how cool is the Brady Bunch photo?!

  • Santa Barbara Hills

    The massive and stunning Santa Barbara Hills enclosure is home to a cat, Tigger, a couple of dogs, and a handful of chickens. A giant cat superhighway connects the mountain side, which includes a birdcage bed floating from the heavens with the ocean side, which includes a climbing pole with a unique fireman's circle.

  • El Segundo

    T'Challa's El Segundo catio compares favorably to Wakanda. The structure is so long - 45 feet of runs - that it requires a panoramic shot to capture the entrance and the tower on opposite sides. The craftsmanship throughout is next level.

  • Whittier

    Extra large fully loaded Whittier catio is now home to Dixon, Rocket, Simon Sez, and a couple of hoomans! The peek-a-boo bubble (aka salad bowl) bed is a hit with the cats.

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