• Hollywood Sign

    Tommie, an untouchable timid kitten, was found outside the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys. Trapped, neutered, and chipped by Alley Cat Alliance, she was returned to the outdoors, where she lived out of caves (see photo) she created. To everyone's surprise, Tommie became affectionate to the point where adoption became possible. Her guardians built her a sweet catio and created an indoor catification spot near the Hollywood Sign, where she can feel comfortable away from the dogs. PAWmazing!

  • Belmont Shore

    Imelda the cat loves her new Belmont Shore catio in Long Beach, CA! The coloring simultaneously pops and blends in with the deck/fence. Despite it's limited footprint, the inside includes a spiral staircase, climbing pole, loft ladder, and a peek-a-boo bubble bed.

  • Del Rey

    This large extra tall catio in the Del Rey neighborhood of Culver City serves as nighttime protection for 2 sibling feral cats -- Kiley and Miki. Half brother and sister, the 13-year-old furballs can now sleep easy in the heavily trafficked coyote area.

  • Fryman Canyon Screened-in Catio

    This Fryman Canyon catio utilizes screen and wire mesh to keep the digs bug and predator free. A gorgeous Norwegian Tree Cat gets to enjoy the sweet catio and nest.

  • Atwater Village Window Box

    Pipette was an indoor/outdoor cat who failed to return home one night. The Furball's guardian and her housemates searched  frantically around the Atwater Village home and were miraculously led to Pipette, whose leg was badly injured, by a second cat. After successful surgery to amputate her rear leg, Pipette is now a happy tripod. We built her a window box catio with 3 ramps so that she can work her way down to the litter box or up to a bed perch.

  • Silver Lake Catio Compound

    The Silver Lake Catio Compound includes an extra large main enclosure, a roof section, a long run, and a catio tower. While all the aforementioned segments provide much fun and stimulation for the cats, the highlight is how the Custom Catios' crew incorporated a large gorgeous tree into the enclosure.

  • Virginia Country Club

    The Virginia Country Club catio in Long Beach is a gorgeous, two-story, work of art. To get a true feel for the intricate inner workings of the cat enclosure check out this TikTok video with more than 3.2 million views:  

  • La Cienega

    Hoagie hearts his La Cienega cat enclosure, which is close to the LAX airport. As this TikTok video shows, every day is his best day in the catio.

  • Shaffer Park Catio Extension and Catification

    The Shaffer Park catio extension in Orange took a sweet cat enclosure and turned it into a spectacular architecturally stunning piece. Oh, and we did some interior catification to boot.

  • Eaton Canyon Reservoir

    The Eaton Canyon Reservoir catio, which is home to Lucky and Tuxedo, is located in Pasadena, California. It features a cat Disneyland interior - including a hiding box, climbing pole, cat steps, bubble bed, spiral staircase, and a cat-shaped shelf - with a 13-foot long wing/run off the front side.

  • Knollwood Country Club Screened-In Porch

    Screened-in porches have become one of our most popular enclosures due to the warmer LA climate and increased pests. This Granada Hills catio has three separate cat sections which should keep the feral Miss Kitty happy. While the hoomans can still enjoy panoramic views.

  • Venice Canal

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily we have a few photos below as I'm unable to adequately describe the beauty of the Venice Canals catio and the corresponding views. Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, spectacular, and cat-acular all come to mind. Wow! 🙀

  • Redlands Screened-In Porch / Catio

    The fabulous Redlands enclosure has SuperScreen on the outside and 2" x 2" wire mesh on the inside, thus protecting against predators and bugs. The incredible shared human/cat space has all the fixings, including a climbing pole, cat ladder, loft ladder, peek-a-boo bubble bed, spiral staircase, and a hiding box. Cat Disneyland = cat stimulation and fun!

  • Valerie Bertinelli Catification

    Super fun indoor catification project for two-time Emmy Award-winning actress and current Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli. Bubba, Batman, and four other furballs love their new digs. More here:

  • Malaga Creek

    The spectacular Malaga Creek catio in Palos Verdes Estates is next level cat Disneyland. The "arm" off to the right is essentially an additional enclosure onto itself. The overlapping internal cat elements - including a climbing pole with a fireman's circle, cat steps, bubble bed, loft ladder, and a cat ladder - will keep Rocket and Zena very happy.

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