• Crestview

    The charming Crestview (Beverlywood) catio, which Miles Davis and Benny Goodman call home, includes a short run at the top which turns the corner into a hideaway nest. The views are PAWmazing and the cats could not be happier.

  • Glendale Screened-In Porch

    It's not surprising that screened-in porches, like this Glendale beauty, are all the rage with the Los Angeles pest problem getting worse and lasting longer. This is a great shared space for both hoomans and cats.

  • Angeles National Forest

    This massive screened-in porch/catio located at the foothills of the Angeles National Forest measures 23' x 10'. The cat-resistant screen keeps the bugs out while the 1" x 1" wire mesh keeps the predators at bay.

  • North Arroyo

    The North Arroyo (Altadena) cat guardian's had the purrfect spot for a catio with two existing walls already in place. As such, the enclosure blends in exceptionally well with the home. The cats are loving the steps, peek-a-boo bubble bed, climbing pole, and perches too.

  • Lange Foundation Indoor Enclosures

    We built two side-by-side indoor cat enclosures for the PAWmazing Lange Foundation in West Los Angeles. We Disney-fied the space and included nine cubby hole boxes with cat-cutouts to give the furballs plenty of cosy sleeping spots. View a fun video of the cats frolicking inside on Instagram!

  • Mar Vista

    The Mar Vista catio is home to a super-social fur family that includes Krispy Noodle, Billie, Finneas, Nico, and Darwin. So many fun, stimulating, overlapping levels for the kiddos. Watch video:

  • South Bay Catio Estate

    The biggest and arguably best catio we have built to date. This gem, which took five weeks to construct, has to be among the greatest cat enclosures in the world. Can't wait to see what it looks like once all the vegetation grows back. Be sure to check out a couple of videos here:  

  • Brigden Ranch

    The large Brigden Ranch Pasadena catio has a set of cat steps leading up to the litter area, a hiding box with cat cutouts, a peek-a-boo bubble bed, a floating birdcage bed, and a 10-foot synthetic rope climbing pole.

  • Fairfax District Dog Run

    The Fairfax District dog run gives three small pooches plenty of room to run, and grab some fresh air and sunshine. There's also a potty pad in the back conveniently located near the human door. A cool protected ramp gets the pups up to the dog door. Finally, two of the mesh panels on top open so that the guardians can easily trim the hedges.

  • Ginormous Granada Hills 2nd Story Extension

    Wowza! We took the famous Vincent the Lykoi and Friends paw-some catio and added on a massive extension that connects a second-story bedroom window.  The fur family can enter upstairs and exit downstairs and vice versa. The cat guardians also have the ability to turn the structure into two separate enclosures.

  • Dana Point

    The Dana Point catio is narrow but large and filled with fun cat elements including cat steps, a cat-shaped shelf, a floating birdcage bed, a hiding box with cat cutouts, a 10-foot climbing pole, and a bubble bed.

  • Winnetka Bridge

    When your office is detached from the home, we recommend a Custom Catios cat bridge so that every day is "Bring Your Cat to Work Day." Note, we make all of our catios and bridges "Ramon Strong!"™ Watch it in action:

  • Canoga Park Tower

    While the Canoga Park Tower catio has a small footprint, it has 6 levels and a 10-foot synthetic rope climbing pole for the cats to enjoy. The cat guardian reports that her two furballs are loving it!

  • Pacific Palisades Bunny Enclosure

    Rabbits Joy Lowe and Jimi Hopper now have their own enclosure separate from the cats and dog! In other words, we now do bunny-os or is it bunnios?

  • Pacific Palisades Upstairs Balcony

    The Pacific Palisades upstairs balcony catio is as gorgeous on the outside as it is fun and stimulating for the furballs on the inside. The Four Seasons meets Cat Disneyland!

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