• Newhall Screened-In Porch

    Built on the front porch, the large Newhall screened-in porch/catio essentially expands the home for the cat guardians and gives the furballs a unique outdoorsy space. Everyone wins!

  • Rustic Newhall

    The beautiful wood stain on the gorgeous Newhall catio blends beautifully with the rustic tones of the deck, wood fence, and stone pillars. The enclosure feels like it was built next to a mountain log cabin rather than a house in the Los Angeles suburbs.

  • Barbie Dream House

    This amazing Alice in Wonderland dream catio, which could have been part of the recent blockbuster Barbie movie set, was commissioned by Linda Ramone, the wife of punk rock legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Johnny Ramone. Imagination is the only barrier to colorful catios!

  • Floating Silver Lake

    We recommend a floating catio when you live in the hills of Silver Lake and don't have much yard space. This beautiful out-of-the-way enclosure provides the fur family with fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of perch space to check out the backyard goodness -- birds, squirrels, and other animals in the nearby trees and bushes.

  • Camarillo Duo

    The Camarillo Duo consists of a significant upstairs screened-in porch/catio, and a large downstairs catio for two sets of cats. Many of the cats are special needs which made this project extra satisfying.

  • Oak Park Shell

    The Oak Park catio is ginormous! Alas, we handled all the framing, wire mesh, and roofing. The cat guardian did a fabulous job with the interior elements, giving it a homey feel.

  • Sylmar Tower + Nest

    This Sylmar enclosure features a catio tower with a fabulous nest that turns the corner. The nest provides a fabulous hideaway, more sun, and views of the gorgeous garden.

  • Stained Pasadena + Run + 2-Level Nest

    I ❤️ this catio! Cool features include a deluxe litter box compartment, up and down winding run, and a 2-level nest. Oh, and it is stunning.

  • Laurel Terrace

    Some houses have all the luck and the perfect spot for a catio practically built into the foundation. Meet the Laurel Terrace catio in Studio City!

  • Stained Santa Monica

    Wowza! There are catios and then there is the stained Santa Monica catio with a long run, bridge, sizeable main enclosure, and a nest around a large tree. 😻

  • Sherwood Forest

    Sherwood Forest has a large main enclosure that includes cat steps, a loft ladder, a cat ladder, floating steps, a climbing pole, and a sizeable 2-level nest.

  • Arleta Catio + Up and Down Run

    We attempt to make all catios fun and stimulating for the furballs and aesthetically pleasing for the cat guardians. While we generally do an excellent job on both fronts, sometimes enclosures blend even more beautifully with the home than usual. See the Arleta catio!

  • Huge Floating Catio Mt. Washington

    One of the largest floating catios - enclosures that do not touch the ground - we have built to date. The steep hillside was no match for my talented crew! The cat guardian had us install a handful of prefabricated cat elements inside.

  • Gorgeous Stained Twisting Monrovia Run

    The beautiful Monrovia twisting run, floating main enclosure, and inside catification make for a spectacular catio.

  • Whittier Catio Compound

    In addition to the Garage Runs below, the Whittier cat guardians added an enclosure on the opposite side of the home that included an even longer run coupled with a Cat Disneyland main catio!

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