VIDEOS: Catio Guy’s Catio Extension From Start to Finish

It is difficult to convey to potential clients the time and work that goes into each catio we build. Much goes into each job, including design, pricing, materials procurement, prepping, scheduling, and building structures from the ground up. Projects range from two to 30 days, depending on size, complexity, and extras and add-ons. And bigger projects may have up to seven crew members working on them simultaneously. We build strong, durable, permanent enclosures that should last for decades.

Alas, custom catios are a new industry, and most cat guardians have no experience building them, or any similar reference points to make sense of the above. Thus, I hope the following three videos will help future clients better understand the process and effort behind every enclosure.

The videos are of my personal catio extension. The original enclosure was built eight years ago (note how well it has held up!). The extension took five days to finish, not including design, materials procurement, and prepping. The final video, which has gone viral with over 15 million social media views, is of my kittens — Herbie the Love Bug, Trey, and S.A.N.T.O.S. Six Toes — having the time of their lives in the catio.

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