Custom Catios Featured on ‘Cat vs Dog’ with Jackson Galaxy

We are very excited to post a highlight video of Custom Catio’s appearance on Jackson Galaxy’s latest show, “Cat vs. Dog.” While we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to watch the entire episode titled, “My Animals Are Going To Get Me Evicted,” over at Animal Planet, we’ve uploaded a catio cut below. We’ve also transcribed some of our favorite quotes from the episode:

Jackson Galaxy: “I want cats to be indoors because I want them to live. Cats out in the neighborhood will fight with these cats and spread disease. There’s coyotes around here. There’s birds of prey. There are plenty of things that conspire against Cozy Cosette or Esmeralda Beyonce from coming home every night.”

Jackson Galaxy: “Why would you play Russian roulette with your cat’s life?”

Tami: “Oh that Jackson! Oh. Yeah, Jackson. He’s an indoor cat person.”

Jackson Galaxy: “Our friend Alan over at Custom Catios is going to build you your own catio.”

Jackson Galaxy: “A catio is simply a patio that is made for cats. Shelving, toys, perches, grass to chew on, and bugs to hunt. That’s a good life for a cat.”

Jackson Galaxy: “They did a great job creating the cat superhighway that we had in mind so that it goes all the way around. Everything about this works!”

Zoe Sandor: “They are in love with it!”

Tami: “It is beyond anything I could have imagined. Amazing.  I can hardly stand it. I want to live in [the catio].”

Jackson Galaxy: “The cats are incredibly happy in that new catio.”

While there is much talk about catios throughout, Custom Catios really comes into play at about the 2:30 mark. And you can watch our team build the catio starting at 3:53. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed working with Jackson!

2 thoughts on “Custom Catios Featured on ‘Cat vs Dog’ with Jackson Galaxy”

  1. I’ll soon be helping a friend build a catio for her black familiar, Hedges who hates the harness & leash.
    Will you please share what to include in the catio, like shelves?, cozy sleeping place?, what kind of grasses & how big a patch & about the eating bugs thing which I haven’t heard of.
    Thank you!

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