Redfin Highlights Custom Catios

Popular online real estate broker, Redfin, published a new article this week titled, “26 Stylish Yet Functional Pet Area Ideas to Incorporate Pet Supplies into Your Decor,” that features the following catio blurb by Custom Catios / Catio Guy:

Bring the outdoors in with a custom catio

A catio (aka Cat Patio) is an enclosure, generally attached to a house, that enables cats to safely experience the benefits of the outdoors without the inherent dangers. Like real estate, when it comes to catios, think location, location, location. Choose a spot that gets fresh air, sun, and shade near trees, bushes, plants, and flowers. The birds, squirrels, and bugs attracted by all the green goodness will keep your fur family stimulated and happy. Also, build high, not wide, and consider placing hummingbird or bird feeders nearby. -Alan “Catio Guy” Breslauer, Custom Catios

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