Catio Guy Interviewed by Indoor Cat Guide

Thanks to Jane over at for posting an interview with Catio Guy about, you guessed it, catios! Here’s an excerpt:

“Among cat experts and cat lovers alike, the consensus is to keep cats indoors permanently.

As Alan (aka Catio Guy) explains, predators (coyotes), cars, disease, and poisons, among other perils, all conspire to knock more than a decade off an average roaming cat’s life.

The average lifespan of a domestic indoor cat is 17 years while outdoor cats statistically live less than five years.

Unfortunately, keeping cats indoors also poses health risks. Lack of stimulation and exercise can lead to obesity and behavioral issues, including over grooming, over eating, picking on companion pets, and self-mutilation.

You can walk your cat on a leash if you have access to a quiet streets and a nearby park. But this also comes with its own set of problems, including cats picking up fleas from grass or getting into fights with dogs and other cats.

Catios are the great compromise that enable cats to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Like me and so many cat experts, Alan believes that cats should not be free to roam outside.

As Alan puts it, “I do understand the need for outdoor working cats that help deter rodent populations on barns and the like.” That said, to borrow Jackson Galaxy’s words, “I want cats to be indoors because I want them to live.”

Yes, agreed!”

Check out the rest of the article here.

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