• Silver Triangle

    This Silver Triangle (Studio City) cat patio perfectly maintains the lines of the home. Built over a garden planter, the job required endless customization. My favorite part, however, is the "bunk bed" at the top. The cats are going to love their new outdoor enclosure!

  • Sherman Village

    Sherman Village catio keeps the lines of the house and colors to perfectly blend in with the gorgeous home. The enclosure will also keep the cats - Hugo and Sydney - stimulated with a sisal rope climbing / scratching pole, long run, and cat ladder. There's also a litter box door for easy daily cleaning.

  • Cal Heights (Long Beach)

    Cal Heights is essentially two catios connected by a long run and cat ladder. It starts to the right with a standard enclosure with steps leading up to the cat ladder / tunnel which then makes it way along the side of the house before depositing the felines in the nest / sun room. So cool!

  • Lakewood

    A custom made cat door in a French door pane provides the entrance to the catio. The gatos exit onto a shelf where the felines can take a ramp down to the litter box or step shelves up to shaped bed areas at the top. The sisal rope climbing / scratching pole on the left side of the enclosure is a nice match for the house.

  • Sun Valley

    Check out the killer matching shingle roof on this beautiful Sun Valley catio. The inside of the enclosure is equally impressive with a carpeted ramp / shelf system (cat superhighway) connecting the ground to the highest accessible point to accommodate a less mobile elderly cat.

  • Franklin Hills

    While the final catio looks like a perfect fit for the backyard corner of a house bordering Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and East Hollywood, it took a ton of customization. We had to work around a hot water heater, dryer fan, and crawl space entrance. Alas, the cats are more concerned with getting fresh air, sunshine, and making the most of the seven level enclosure.

  • Reseda

    Can there be too much goodness? The Reseda catio has a nest on top of the roof by way of the chimney so the cats can sit in the sun as long as their heart's desire. Inside we debut a 10 foot long cat ladder working its way from the brick pavers to the top shelves. The cats enter from an internal walkway at the highest point inside the main enclosure. Finally, that's Angus below right enjoying the floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole.

  • Altadena

    A breathtaking catio / home combo! With a beautiful garden that attracts birds, the clients felt more comfortable with the smaller 1" black mesh. The sisal rope pole sits on top of the litter box cover which is accessed by a long gray carpeted ramp. The inside photo of Mulcifer also shows off the cat door and precision shelving, including the shaped bed area at the top.

  • Valley Village

    This catio wraps around the house giving the cats prolonged exposure to the sun and amazing landscaping. The left side of the enclosure, which includes the furballs window pet door, is "floating" to provide access to the crawl space below the home. The right side is perfectly symmetrical and is loaded with shelves and bed areas. That's Fizz, Daisy, Tawny, and Julep in the photo.

  • Van Nuys

    Beatriz Pennyfeather's catio blends in perfectly with the home, thus providing the cat parents a beautiful addition to the house. The bronze translucent roof provides Beatriz and her sibling protection from the rain and sun. The shelves and sisal rope climbing pole provide plenty to do inside the pentagon.

  • Cienega | Leimart Park

    The cats exit the home in the living room and then take a 43-foot run along the side of the house which dumps them in the backyard catio. And it is beautiful! Clementine, one of the three feline family members, looked to be smiling her first time exploring the enclosure. Pure joy!

  • Pacific Coast Highway

    Ripley's new catio fits snugly under the roof eve on the side of a Pacific Palisades home near the Pacific Coast Highway. It's L shaped to make room for the pet door which was custom fitted under an office desk. We also included a mechanical keyless lever lock which will keep the enclosure secure and hold up well in the ocean air.

  • La Canada Flintridge

    Located right up against the mountains in the Crescenta Valley, this catio will provide its three feline inhabitants endless Cat-TV. And plenty of stimulation to boot with an elaborate ramp / shelf system and floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole.

  • Playa Del Rey

    This beauty blends in perfectly with the existing house. The kittens love it and were climbing the sisal rope pole in no time. There's also a cat superhighway circumventing the entire enclosure. As this kids like to say, this is one Pawsome catio!

  • Hermosa Beach

    Jackson Galaxy coined the phrase, "Cat Superhighway," to describe an environment where cats can circumvent a room or an enclosure on multiple levels without touching the ground. It essentially maximizes the available real estate for all inhabitants. Well, we perfected that concept in Hermosa Beach. The furballs can reach the top of the structure via a set a ramps, shelve steps or by climbing a sisal rope pole on either end of the catio. Once they reach the top, they can take the long runs around the enclosure until they find the perfect resting spot. Meanwhile, the humans have plenty…