• La Canada Flintridge

    Located right up against the mountains in the Crescenta Valley, this catio will provide its three feline inhabitants endless Cat-TV. And plenty of stimulation to boot with an elaborate ramp / shelf system and floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole.

  • Playa Del Rey

    This beauty blends in perfectly with the existing house. The kittens love it and were climbing the sisal rope pole in no time. There's also a cat superhighway circumventing the entire enclosure. As this kids like to say, this is one Pawsome catio!

  • Hermosa Beach

    Jackson Galaxy coined the phrase, "Cat Superhighway," to describe an environment where cats can circumvent a room or an enclosure on multiple levels without touching the ground. It essentially maximizes the available real estate for all inhabitants. Well, we perfected that concept in Hermosa Beach. The furballs can reach the top of the structure via a set a ramps, shelve steps or by climbing a sisal rope pole on either end of the catio. Once they reach the top, they can take the long runs around the enclosure until they find the perfect resting spot. Meanwhile, the humans have plenty…

  • West Los Angeles Apartment

    We love when apartment building management sees the big picture and allows renters to construct catios. Happy cats make for happy humans which make for better neighbors and tenants. Everyone wins! Here, our design includes three mesh panels, including an emergency exit door.

  • Venice Beach

    We built this “floating” catio to avoid a plethora of pipes and other immovable objects below. The “L” shape allows Shiloh to enter a through-the-wall cat door bottom right and then find a high perch top left. We added three small doors for easy cleaning and so the cat would always be reachable in case of emergency. The art deco-ish style and colors are stellar.

  • Mulholland

    This cat mansion has 8 levels, stands 14 feet tall, and has a 10 foot long wing that wraps around the right side of the gorgeous house, ensuring the cats get sun most of the day. We added two deadbolt doors along the run in case of emergency. The terra cotta Spanish tile roof matches the rest of the home.

  • North Pasadena

    Where to begin? Catio is 10 feet tall, with a cat door entry from the upstairs bedroom, shaded translucent roof, large U shaped carpeted top shelf, some nifty woodwork, and an 8 foot sisal rope climbing pole. We also buried mesh in the dirt to prevent predators from digging in and cats from digging out of the enclosure.

  • Sepulveda

    Lots of cool elements here helped convert a second floor recess to a sweet catio including custom mesh, a French door window pane pet door, and green carpeted ramps and shelves. The client’s artistic background shines through beautifully.

  • Occidental College

    Built on a second floor deck with a room underneath, we were unable to screw anything into the ground / roof. As such, we used pressure treated wood on the ground and utilized the stucco walls and roof for stability — much like we do for apartments and condos. The clients preferred a knob and barrel bolt to our typical keyed lock. The sisal rope sits on top of the litter box cover to facilitate easy cleaning.

  • Laurel Canyon

    Love the colors and lines on this enclosure which aligns perfectly with the top of the window. The catio juts out slightly below the window so that we could include a pet door through the wall. But even that little area has a bronze tinted roof to match the rest of the enclosure. Carpeted ramp, sisal rope climbing pole, and two high shaped bed areas also included.

  • Beverly Hills

    We found a perfect spot for the gorgeous Moses, a rambunctious Russian Blue, to enjoy the outdoors safely. We dug up a bit of dirt, moved around some plumbing, and then laid down a concrete slab. Then we added a pet door through the wall, sisal rope pole, and lots of shelves. Moses could not be happier!

  • Sherman Oaks (Between Moorpark & Riverside)

    Built around an existing porch, this huge catio has plenty of room for both cats and humans to enjoy the gardens, birds and other small wildlife. Lots of shelf space throughout lead to three high perches including a great spot over the door. There’s also a floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing pole in the corner. Luxurious!

  • City of San Fernando

    Another house with the perfect nook or spot for an enclosure. The 10 foot high by 4 foot wide covered structure provides plenty of space for a couple of deluxe cat trees. A custom cat door is being constructed for the far right window.

  • Studio City

    This 10 foot high six level enclosure fits perfectly on the side of the house between two windows with an extension for the cat door below the bathroom windows. The sisal rope climbing pole sits on top of the litter box cover. The pet door has a platform that connects to the shelf system via a long carpeted ramp. Pretty cool!

  • Redondo Beach

    Pictures do not do this catio justice. Suffice to say, it is pawesome. The stained redwood enclosure sits beautifully on top of a painted wood deck. But the highlight is the stunning nest (sun room) attached to the enclosure via a long skyway.