• Los Altos

    The Los Altos catio is located between Los Alamitos and Signal Hill. Built on behalf of an amazing cat named Tommy, the main enclosure surrounds an outdoor fireplace which allows the humans to hangout with the furry feline. When Tommy wants some alone time, however, there's a nearly 20 foot long cat run that provides amazing views of the backyard garden, trees, and visiting animals.

  • Torrance

    The Torrance catio is super tall standing nearly 15 feet high. Yes, the feline family members love the extra vertical space. The cat door is under the window just short of halfway up. And the inside is completely decked out with an awesome cat ladder system at the bottom, a hiding box with cat cutouts, and sisal rope climbing pole, among other features.

  • Vermont Slauson

    This Wildasin catio fit perfectly into an unused space in the backyard. We did have to create a cool little button on the side of the enclosure to incorporate the cat door. The cats could not be happier. Speaking of which, you can follow the exploits of Bagheera, Miles, and Wingdings on Instagram.

  • Catio Castle

    The Woodland Hills Catio Castle is an enormous 400+ square foot cat paradise (see video). The palatial feline estate includes a 20 foot carpeted ramp, 2 ten foot sisal rope climbing poles, and an incredible centerpiece that includes two hiding spots with cat cutouts surrounded by 4 floating beds. Not to mention all the cat ladders, shelves, and bridges that circumvent the massive structure. It's truly breathtaking in person!

  • Sherman Oaks Hospital

    This home near the Sherman Oaks Hospital had the perfect spot for a catio. The enclosure is covered but still provides plenty of sun for the family's two cats. You have to love the cat superhighway that is, well, super high above the sliding glass doors. Throw in a couple carpeted ramps, a sisal rope climbing pole, and a handful of shelves, and the cat house will provide plenty of stimulation for the felines.

  • Orange Tree House

    The Orange Tree House catio is a masterpiece (see amazing video - must click into post first). The enclosure reaches more than 20 feet up into a gorgeous hundred-year-old tree. The Sherman Oaks enclosure gives Hannah, Trudy, Dottie (in photo), and Harlow plenty of platforms to navigate to via the tree trunk to watch the endless visiting squirrels and birds at close range. There's also a 45+ foot run that allows the cats and kittens to access the structure 24/7 from the house. Finally, note the sandbox / litter box in the middle of the run. AWESOME!

  • Kevington

    This spacious Thousand Oaks (Kevington) catio was built for two of the cutest tiny kittens -- Jean Francois and Babette -- to walk the Conejo Valley in a long time. The lucky felines will get to grow into the large enclosure which includes a cat superhighway, a couple of long carpeted ramps, a sisal rope climbing pole, a cat ladder and plenty of bed perches to watch the birds, squirrels, insects, and other wildlife.

  • Los Encinos State Historic Park

    Charlie's Encino catio has it all. The enclosure blends in perfectly with the house and the surrounding greenery. Check out the tree just inches away! The cat door is custom made to fit in a large French door pane. We built the structure around an existing bell which doubles as a step from one bed perch to another. There's also an awesome cat ladder and ramp. We added two small square doors for access since a full size door would not fit with the tree. Finally, we built the entire catio over a dirt area using a plywood board, thus…

  • Granada Hills

    We love creating catios for famous cats like Vincent the Lykoi and friends. This was a highly technical build that required our team to work around a curved corner and a couple of existing pergolas. We also filled in a dirt area with concrete and used 1" black wire mesh. Inside the enclosure we included many high bed perches for the extended feline family, a cat superhighway, a cat ladder, ramps, and a sisal rope climbing pole that was a hit from the start.

  • Laurel Hills

    This Studio City catio provides Pepe and Perci plenty of vertical space with a long run arm attached to the tall enclosure. We alway recommend building on top of a concrete pad when there is dirt or grass on the ground. It adds stability, keeps the cat cleaner, prevents outside the litter box bathroom usage, and provides a fun landscape for the kids to get creative!

  • Marine Avenue Park

    This Manhattan Beach catio is huge! Stewie, Munchkin, Peaches, Rusty, and Fizzy are having a blast exploring their kitty playground. Their cat enclosure includes an awesome cat ladder bridge, ramp bridge, floating bed, hiding box, cat steps, sisal rope climbing pole, and giant cat superhighway.

  • Ojai

    The Ojai catio looks like it was built with the house. It blends in perfectly! That's Angus to the right looking gorgeous. He's also in the middle photo showing off a purrfectly situated perch. To his right in that picture is a super cool ramp leading directly into a cat ladder. The cat enclosure is fully loaded with everything else including a sisal rope climbing pole, floating bed, and bronze translucent roof.

  • Beverlywood

    The Beverlywood catio (cat patio) utilizes the lines and colors of the house to blend in perfectly. It's fully loaded with an extra large door with a mechanical keyless lock, cat superhighway, cat steps, a long ramp, floating bed, and a hiding box with cat cutouts, among other features. And the custom cat door within a French door pane with a perfectly fitted step is a thing of beauty.

  • Brentwood Condo

    Built on behalf of Colby the @airbnbcat and his cat sibling, this evidences the great work we do building catios for apartments and condos when allowed. Note the emergency exit door on the left side of the enclosure with a deadbolt and extra triangles around the lock for extra security.

  • Cheviot Hills Indoor Outdoor Enclosure

    The Cheviot Hills indoor outdoor enclosure was built for a house cat who could no longer live inside the home. As such, we built a catio tower in the garage which protects Teddy from the elements. There's a through the wall cat door leading to a larger outdoor enclosure which includes a long run that provides the beautiful feline with amazing garden views.

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