• Granada Hills Catification

    The Granada Hills catification project is next level. We turned a large bedroom into a Cat Paradise. A glass bottom bridge, cubby hole beds with cat cutouts, two cat shaped shelves, spiral staircase, sisal rope climbing pole, ramps and runs for days, and a peek-a-boo bubble bed (aka salad bowl), are among the features.

  • Palm Desert

    Holy moly, Nuvolino's Palm Desert catio is Cat-tastic!! A spiral staircase in a "chimney" by the house gets the cats up to a 10' bridge / skyway that connects to the main enclosure, which ultimately leads to an amazing nest nestled in a tree.

  • Miraleste

    Cookie and Kenzie's Miraleste (Rancho Palos Verdes) catio is a hit with the cats and hoomans alike! A large elevated outdoor feeding area and a synthetic rope climbing pole are among the highlights.

  • Carson

    Chico's Carson catio pops with a gorgeous dark brown wood stain, which makes his cat guardians happy. Chico loves the fresh air, sunshine, and checking out all the action in the backyard.

  • Corona Floating Mobile Home

    The "floating" Corona catio is our first mobile home enclosure. It's floating to keep the sprinklers, hose, and crawl space free. The structure is bigger than it looks and gives the entire feline family plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Santa Barbara

    The catio is a gorgeous extension of a beautiful Santa Barbara home. The vibrant blue color pops and the inside is large, tall, and fun. Romeo, who was marking regularly inside before the enclosure, has not done so since. Love the photo of Romeo "hang'n" in his floating bed.

  • Jhene Aiko

    When you look up Cat Disneyland in the dictionary, three time Grammy nominated artist Jhene Aiko's catio appears. It has amazing views, a super long ramp, cat steps, a synthetic rope climbing pole with a fireman's circle, a spiral staircase, and much more. Jhene also went with a half mesh room and half hard translucent polygal roof.

  • Oak Park

    A short run wraps around a corner taking the furballs from the cat door to the perfectly situated catio tower that melts into the home. A litter box compartment, synthetic rope climbing pole and peek-a-boo bubble bed are featured elements of the enclosure.

  • Simi Valley Town Center

    Located near the Simi Valley Town Center just off the 118 Freeway, this large catio has plenty of room for the hoomans to join the cats inside. It also comes equipped with many extras too, including a set of cat steps, two hiding boxes with cat cutouts, a long ramp, peek-a-boo bubble bed, climbing pole, and more.

  • Malibu

    The view from the Malibu catio is spectacular. The pair of cats are very happy campers.    

  • Kitten Lady

    Building a catio for the Kitten Lady was a dream come true and a career highlight. Be sure to check out Hannah's amazing video tutorial (click Kitten Lady above for link) of the week long build. Note our first ever cat shelf!

  • Camarillo Palm Trees

    I love this Camarillo catio!  : )  It has three palm trees, two hiding boxes, beautiful vegetation, a long cat ladder, a floor to ceiling climbing pole, and a large sundeck. What else could a cat want?

  • Camarillo Balcony

    The Camarillo balcony catio has a long ramp and a couple of bed perches which are perfect for looking out over the fabulous backyard. The clear translucent roof is gorgeous.

  • Camarillo Catification

    We occasionally dabble with indoor catification when coupled with an outdoor catio job. Here we built a ramp system to get the cats to the top rung which circumvents the room. The far side has a couple of shaped bed areas where the fur-balls can watch over their hooman. The two other corners have short bridges to help alleviate traffic and reduce conflict.

  • Newbury Park

    A couple of kittens - orange tabby brothers - are ecstatic about their new large, super tall, catio with a long run at the top. We also included a multi-level fireman's circle around the 10 foot synthetic rope climbing pole. Spectacular!

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