Catios Protect Pet Cats From Coyotes

Coyotes Kill Pet Cats at Alarming Rates

Reading the National Geographic book, “How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language,” by Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, I came across the following shocking statistic: “A 2009 study looked at Tucson, Arizona, found that coyotes regularly feast on cats — both feral and pets. Cats made up 42 percent of the coyotes’ diet.” This was four times higher than a recent study of urban coyotes living in Los Angeles. In any case, coyotes pose a clear and present danger to pet cats in LA and Orange County. Cat owners would be wise to listen to Jackson Galaxy who states, “I want cats to be indoors because I want them to live.” For those still not convinced, please see our many blog posts on coyotes:

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Catios Protect Cats from Coyotes and Raccoons

For those who still want to expose their cats to the outdoors, the best option is to build an enclosure that protects their loved ones from predators.

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