Catios Go Mainstream

Nearly seven year ago the New York Times published, “Catios Bring Cats Outdoors,” which introduced “catios” to the mainstream:

“Catios have made inroads in the suburbs, where they range from small, practical structures — like a box made of wood and chicken wire — to all-out fantasy cat playgrounds, replete with tunnels and scratching posts.”

Then late last year The Washington Post entered the fray with, “Don’t call it a cage. It’s a catio:” 

“But for owners long shamed by vets and public service announcements urging that felines be kept inside, catios are a safe option for those desperately pining for the outdoors…

But catios are also fantasy structures, like doll houses or dioramas, where creators can construct – and project – their own idealized worlds.”

And that’s where Custom Catios can help. We make your dreams and fantasies come true. Our process starts with viewing the intended enclosure location and taking measurements. Next, our architect puts together a drawing based on homeowner specifications, as well as our vast feline knowledge and catio expertise. Once the design is approved, we build your ideal catio!

Angelenos contact us now to get started.

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