Cat Runs, Skyways, and Bridges

Cat runs, skyways, and bridges are a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to move cats around a home or yard. And the furballs LOVE them. This post highlights many of the runs built by the Custom Catios' crew over the last couple of years. Visit this Facebook post for more photos!

VIDEO: Kitten Lady Catio Build

The Joy Crew spent an amazing week in San Diego building a fabulous catio for the Kitten Lady (Facebook). Learn everything there is to know about building a cat enclosure - from start to finish - in her excellent tutorial video.

VIDEO: CatCafe Lounge Catio

Custom Catios designed and built the new CatCafe Lounge catio. The CatCafe Lounge, which is the only non-profit cat cafe in LA, has found homes for 400+ cats to date. You can now reserve time to hangout with these amazing kiddos in the outdoor, socially distant, regularly sanitized, CatCafe Lounge…

VIDEO: Harley the Bengal Kitten Playing in Catio

Harley is a Huntington Beach based Bengal kitten who loves his new catio. Watch his athleticism as he climbs a 10-foot sisal rope pole, runs around the large enclosure, and jumps up and down the many shelves circumventing the structure. Harley is one happy kitty!

All the Options and Extras Offered by Custom Catios

Benefits of Stimulating Cats Custom Catios strives to improve enclosures by making them more fun and stimulating for cats. The greater the variation inside structures, the more cats have to think to maneuver around, which activates their minds, and helps prevent behavioral issues common in indoor cats. Fun stuff inside…

VIDEO: Lakewood Catio Compound

The Lakewood Catio Compound is something to behold. Photos don't really capture it's magnificence so we hope this short video does a better job conveying the pure joy that the enclosure has brought to the cat family. The cats enter via a custom through the wall cat door and then…

The Jubilant Joyous Jungle Catio

Jungle Catio There are catios and then there is the Jungle Catio which is a whole different breed of cat enclosure. It is massive. It is innovative. It is unique. And it is beautiful. Welcome to the jungle! This mammoth stand alone structure is more than 30' from top to…

VIDEO: Sisal Rope Climbing Pole Mashup

Sisal Rope Climbing Poles Floor to ceiling sisal rope climbing poles have become a hallmark of Custom Catios cat enclosures. The 10 foot poles now come in regular, treated, and synthetic -- the latter two having a longer outdoor shelf life. Not only do rope poles provide felines with endless…

VIDEO: Catio Castle

The 400+ square foot catio castle may be our magnum opus. The huge breathtaking enclosure took over three weeks to construct and is a feline wonderland for the dozen or so house cats. Please view the below video and let us know what you think in comments.

VIDEO: The Spectacular Grove Tree Enclosure

Watch Gordy and Yusef frolicking in their new catio (cat patio) near Beverly Grove. The catio includes a covered area near the house, a sisal rope climbing pole, ramps, shelves, two cat doors, and a hiding box. Then there is amazing extra-wide run that leads from the house to a…