All the Options and Extras Offered by Custom Catios

Benefits of Stimulating Cats

Custom Catios strives to improve enclosures by making them more fun and stimulating for cats. The greater the variation inside structures, the more cats have to think to maneuver around, which activates their minds, and helps prevent behavioral issues common in indoor cats. Fun stuff inside – like bed perches, ramps, cat ladders, cat steps, hiding boxes, and sisal rope climbing poles – also leads to greater running, jumping, and climbing (aka exercise) and help stave off obesity, which is common in indoor cats. Below are the options we currently offer to keep things interesting for your feline family members.

Floor to Ceiling Sisal Rope Climbing Poles

There are few things more fun than watching cats scamper up one of our trademark 10-foot tall sisal rope climbing poles. Note, sisal rope does not hold up well in rain, so we also offer a synthetic rope version.

Fireman’s Circle

A Fireman’s circle can be added to the top of a sisal or synthetic rope pole. It adds a dramatic effect and the furballs have lots of fun with this design element.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases not only look fabulous, but provide an excellent mechanism for cats to go up and down an enclosure with multiple exit and entry points. In other words, they are aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.


Peek-a-boo Bubble Bed

The Peek-a-boo Bubble Bed, aka Salad Bowl Beds, became an instant fan favorite on Facebook and Instagram. The cats like them almost as much as the hoomans!

Hiding Boxes with Cat Cutouts

Hiding boxes are the perfect solution for cats that want to be outside but hidden from view. The lid lifts open enabling easy cleaning and the placement of a perfectly sized pillow bed we provide.

Cubby Hole Beds with Cat Cutouts

While you can get just one, these are a stackable solution that looks great and provides a fabulous solution in 3 and 6 box increments.

Floating “Birdcage” Beds

Floating beds, which are handcrafted by a master carpenter, add a whimsical aesthetically pleasing element to any catio.

Cat Steps

Cat steps make for a cute addition to any enclosure and literally keeps feline family members on their toes.

Cat Ladders

Cat ladders are an excellent conduit between shelves, especially different level shelves. Our cat ladders are a bit fancier and easier on feline paws as we utilize rounded cross pieces.


Ramps are a must for most enclosures, especially with elderly or special needs cats

Litter Box Compartment

Litter box covers are a common feature to most of our enclosures. However, some cat guardians prefer a specially made compartment that facilitates cleaning without having to bend over.

Cat Shelf

The first time we designed and built a “cat shelf” was for Hannah the Kitten Lady! Note, the “Tito Shelf” below is black with a clipped ear, just like it’s namesake sitting on it.


Bridges add a little something extra to your normal long run and allows my team to flex their creative muscles.

Glass Bottom Bridge

For those wanting to take a catio or internal catification to the moon!
















Normally cats prefer to hangout on the perimeter of a catio where all the action takes place. However, if you have a large enclosure with a lot of space, why not fill it with a custom centerpiece?!

Keypad Lock

Never worry about losing keys again with a keypad lock.















Imagine the envious looks you will get walking around town in a Custom Catios t-shirt! Well, you need not imagine it anymore.


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