Catio Options Provide Cats With Extra Stimulation

Benefits of Stimulating Cats

Custom Catios always strives to improve enclosures by making them more stimulating for cats. The greater the variation inside structures, the more cats have to think to maneuver around, which activates their minds and helps prevent behavioral issues common to indoor cats. Fun stuff inside – like shelves, ramps, cat ladders, cat steps, hiding boxes, and sisal rope climbing poles – also leads to greater running, jumping, and climbing (aka exercise) and helps stave off obesity, which is also common in indoor cats. Below are some of the common options we currently offer to keep things interesting for your feline family members.

10 Foot Sisal Rope Climbing Poles

Super long sisal rope climbing / scratching poles have been our specialty since day 1 and are highly recommended. There are few things more joy inducing than watching furballs scamper up a floor to ceiling sisal rope pole.

Hiding Boxes With Cat Cutouts

Cats love to hide so we custom built hiding boxes with cat cutouts. The lid lifts allowing for the placement of a cat bed inside and for easy cleaning. Note, we actually designed the boxes to fit perfectly around a specific bed which we include with the box.

Floating Beds

Not only do floating beds look awesome but cats love them. They definitely provide a unique element and extra feline fun.






















Cat Steps

Cat steps provide another avenue for felines to make their way up  and down enclosures in addition to shelves, ramps, and cat ladders.

Cat Ladders

Cat ladders enable cats to climb steep inclines and traverse large open areas. They are extremely versatile and look great, which has resulted in rapidly growing popularity.



Be sure to let Alan know during your consult which design elements you want included in your catio!




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